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  • Instant Cold Pack
    Instant Cold Compress temporarily relieves minor pain and swelling for sprains, aches and sore joints. It is conveniently disposable with no pre-chilling required for quick, effective relief. Store in a cool, dry place. The 4 x 6 In Box is just a cold pack that is prepackaged in box to prevent accidental activation which is ideal for first aid kits and bags.
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  • Instant Hot Pack
    Simply squeeze pouch like instant cold compress packs and it will get hot immediately. Features: 1) It can last approximately 15 - 30 minutes 2) Reaches a high temperature of 130 degrees 3) Product provides heat on it's own after activation 4) Convenient and portable 5) For use whenever and wherever hot therapy is needed.
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  • Hot/Cold Packs
    Reusable Hot and Cold Packs. Simply place in microwave for a hot pack or in the freezer for a cold pack. When it's frozen remains flexible to mould around injury. Available in BLUE only.
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