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How we do it?

1. MEDSOURCE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Establish and continuously improve the company's management system and build the company's operation team. To better improve customer service capabilities and meet customers' needs in all aspects, including: product, new product development, market analysis, inquiry, order, design, procurement, quality, warehouse, transportation, customs clearance, etc. 2. MEDSOURCE FACTORY, INC. Mainly responsible for the production of customers' products and the development of new products. At present, the factory has nearly 40 employees, mainly including new product developers, production management personnel, quality personnel, equipment management personnel, etc. The production area is close to 80000 square feet. At present, the main products are: first aid kits, Resistant, cot sheets, surgical gowns, protective face shield, pillow cases, emergency blankets, KED, flexible splints, head immobilizer, transfer sheets, stretchers, penlight, seatbelt cutter, tourniquets, etc. At present, there is a warehouse with an area of nearly 40000 square feet. In addition, the planned standby warehouse enables rapid delivery of orders. 3. MEDSOURCE FACTORY, LLC. Through our overseas companies, we can improve the quality and efficiency of customer communication, and achieve the goal of rapid delivery of orders through planned stock preparation.

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