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  • Clear Tape
    Hypoallergenic tape is transparent to allow for visualization of I.V. tubing, catheters, and other dressings that require monitoring and features perforations to aid in air circulation. This tape tears easily both across and lengthwise.
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  • Non-Woven Tape
    This cloth surgical tape features a strong, yet lightweight construction for secure and durable adhesion. This tape tears easily without shredding. Hypoallergenic; latex-free.
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  • Silk Tape
    This surgical tape is constructed with natural and highly porous paper for breathability, yet provides excellent adhesion and tears easily. Hypoallergenic; latex-free.
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  • Waterproof Tape
    This tape is designed to be used when moisture resistance is required. This waterproof tape is also oil resistant.It is easy to write on and can be cleaned with soap and water.Packaging varies depending on size. MS-TWP1/2 1 /2" x 10yds MS-TWP1 1" x 10yds. MS-TWP2 2" x 10yds. MS-TWP3 3" x 10yds MS-TWPTRI 2" x 5yds.
    From $0.80 EA
  • Zinc oxide tape
    1. Zinc oxide adhesive plaster is a kind of tape painted with adhesive made of natural rubber and zinc oxide on weaving-cloth back. 2. Zinc oxide tape is used in surgical operation, for the fastening of dressing or catheter, and in sports protection, labor protection and industrial package as well. 3. Strong adhesiveness, excellent compliance and no residue glue. 4. Easy to store, long storage life and convenient for usage. 5. Diversiform styles and complete specifications. Basis material of various colors are available, for instance, elastic basis material, waterproof basis material as well as various kinds of packaging forms such as tinned plate tin, plastic tin and paper sleeve tin. Also, it can be cut into saw-tooth pattern.
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