Body Fluid Collection

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  • Fracture BedPan
    A fracture bedpan is smaller and goes under the patient from the front and alleviates the need of turning the patient. This helps to reduce discomfort and possible re-injuring of the fracture.
    From $1.70 EA
  • Graduated Emesis Basin
    For easy measuring, these latex-free polypropylene emesis basins are graduated in oz. and cc. 700cc capacity Available Only.
    From $1.23 EA
  • Urinal
    This Female OR Mals urinal has a handle for ease of use. Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying.
    From $0 EA
  • Convenience Bag
    These convenience bags feature an extra-wide opening and rigid collar that can be used in one hand. Ideal for vomit and urine disposal, these bags seal tight to prevent spillage or leakage.
    From $0 EA
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